Essay : Improving Technology to Provide Indonesia’s Energy 20th Century Version

That’s why I’m loving Geophysics..

(Dfebriana’s application for Student Volunteer Application of 36th IPA Convention)

“Improving Technology to Provide Indonesia’s Energy 20th Century Version”

              Hydrocarbon or oil, gas, and coal still remains dominant forms of energy consumption for at least the next 25 years. But unfortunately, all of them are non-renewable resources. That’s the problem, in the world today,  price of crude oil was greatly increasing. It show, not a long time we have to conserve non-renewable resources. Beside of that, we are trying to find alternative energy as fast as we can do, and in main purpose for minimize the dependence energy by hydrocarbons.

What about Indonesia? Indonesia has greatly material such as minerals and hydrocarbons. Both of them were promising for foreign investment in mining and petroleum. With all of that, we can’t satisfy with that condition, not yet.

Indonesia’s energy today indicating the crisis energy especially in premium and solar. Changing energy’s provide from non renewable to renewable just as a discourse. Such as windmills, solar cell, geothermal and so on still in research  scale. In fact, certainly which it can convert energy with more efficient are hydrocarbon.

And geophysics? Of course geophysicists can give significant role in providing energy. Although for now , Indonesia’s geophysicists over hard thinking to maximize production of mining and petroleum industry. How about 10 years, 20 years later? How Indonesia’s energy supply? In 20th Century, we need to start analyze and move to search non hydrocarbon resources for providing Indonesia’s energy. Geothermal, windmills, even deep sea can be our subject. Continental plates in our country constantly moving, we must be able to consider new potential energy. Energy from geothermal by volcanoes. Windmills by Indonesia’s coastline effect and many others.
Sok gaya bahasa Inggris neh, tetapi hari ini saya mau upload info keren. Sayangnya hari ini terakhir. So, kalau sempet buat ya!

Sampai disini dulu ya! See you next time n_n!

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