One Day Course AAPG SC UB : Unconventional Energy

Hello guys, long time no see…!!
Huuffffhh….lama banget nggak pernah buka blogku tersayang ini, mungkin kebanyakan aktivitas kali ya , banyak tidur, makan, ngobrol hahaha, emang itu masuk kesibukan ya? =.=

Okay, this time i just wanna try to tell all of you guys, especially about Unconventional Energy, yap U-N-C-O-N-V-E-N-T-I-O-N-A-L ! If you know about oil and gas,  (of course y’ know).. yap you just learned it, right? but its conventional hehehehe…

It’s so many resources to produce energy from wind, water, tidal,nuclear, and so on. But where’s geophysics position?
Hmm… maybe all of you ‘ll think that without oil and gas , what’s next? Is it nothing?
I doubt if it isn’t any role of geophysicists to develop alternative energy.

So, with the struggling my brain, (please , help!, i’m in Error mode!!) I went to Jakarta five months ago, in purpose to get new knowledge, guess what? Yeah, alhamdulillah.. I’m a volunteer in 36th IPA Convention and Exhibition! For first time going to Senayan, thanks alot my Lord, for Your Gift…n.n

Do you know about my interesting experience in Jakarta? Heehee, i’ll explain another chance, i’m promise! ^^.

For this chance, i just wanna share why I’m in interest to learn Unconventional by geophysicists, and when I know this information..😀

It’s started from 36th IPA Convention and Exhibition, and still ongoing until now.. 🙂 🙂

There’s so many kinds of Unconventional energy, such as:

  • Coalbed Methane,
  • Underground Coal Gasification,
  • Shale Gas,
  • Shale Oil,
  • Tight Gas,
  • Gas Hydrate,
  • Heavy Oil,

Wanna learn it? Join us in One Day Shortcourse from Mr. Riky Hendrawan Bayu Pandita.
Here the details..

Have you interest this subject? Come and join us 😀
Happy and enjoy learning!


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